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The reason that I’m blind is because a gypsy woman cursed me. You’re gona have fun with this! The wheelchair and ipad and headwand don’t define who I am. Morning everyone my name is Henry and I’m 19 years old and I have Williams syndrome. What do you mean Williams syndrome Henry? What is Williams syndrome? Williams syndrome is chromosome 7. That means I’m missing a few chromosomes and it’s a genetic disorder too. I would love people to learn about more Williams syndrome raise more awareness about it because not many people know what Williams syndrome is or what it’s like to have it. There’s information online at the New Zealand Williams syndrome facebook and online website where you can find some more information.

William syndrome people often have problems with hearing and eyesight and heart conditions. It’s hard for me to concentrate. Yesterday we went pinecone picking to raise a fundraiser for special olympics county. Shout outs to everyone that’s in Pukekohe and shout outs to everyone that will be watching this. Welcome to my room tour. First off I’m in Georgia’s room which is pretty cool. Got this monkey as you can see. Yeah next part is going to my brother James’s room, which is pretty cool. Next room we have is the sewing room where Mum does this sewing.

Next we also got my parents room. This is the lounge. Over here we have the sink and stuff, you know the kitchen pretty good. We’ve got an extra bed, which has things in it. So yeah I hope you enjoyed that and peace. Hello my name is Lil Henry and I’m on the grind when I hit the 3 I say slash non-stop and I rap to the top. People always ask me, Henry how do you make your own rap music? Well first of all I start listening to the beat and then second of all I freestyle, listen to the words that I’m saying and try and connect it with other words. So yeah and this is one of my musics that I did when I was 16. I wrote this to the base of my story when I was 16. So I hope you enjoy. Can you imagine being 16 you were gone from a lot of pain every day gets up for you because you lost your grandma and you think about it every single day. The pain never goes away, it’s just the same you wish you could see her. Need to talk about who inspires me, so shout outs to Uncle Tick, shout outs to Nixon’s shout outs to Judah, shout outs to Jimmy Jackson, shout outs to Uncle Jack and the rest of the team. On my tick talk I have an @, which is singleman2021 if you want to follow then follow me there. Morning everyone it’s me, Henry here and I’m gonna record myself and Mum doing the paper run. Doing some more papers, let’s go mum – okay. I’m letting the cat in. Good morning, Pedro. We’ve had him for five years. Just came up with the name, I like the name. Come on Pedro. I’ve just fed the cat guys. Morning everyone it’s me, Henry here and I’m in my school clothes, ready to go to school. When I go out, I pack some food, remember my bag, remember my shoes, remember my school gear. i’m at school now. So when I leave school I maybe want to be be a basketball coach or a teacher because I really love basketball, I love coaching as well. And my parents have inspired me to be a teacher. Sup, it’s Lil Henry here, let’s go. I’m from New Zealand, I’m a rapper.

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