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The reason that I’m blind is because a gypsy woman cursed me. You’re going to have fun with this. The wheelchair and iPad and head wand don’t define who I am. I’m John Scott, I live in Atawhai, Nelson. I have autism and I think I was diagnosed as a toddler, two? I don’t know the exact time frame, it was like around when I was very young though. Autism is a different way of your brain, of thinking. So it’s nothing completely unusual. It’s just we learn things differently and social skills are a bit slower than the average neurotypical person would learn it.

I’ve got my room again not the most glamorous. Blu-ray and dvd collection, and my Funko Pop, pop vinyl collection. there’s more behind it, but i don’t want to take everything apart Those are the ones I just got today. The Alien Covenant, Daniels. Hank Pym unmaksed, from Marvel’s Ant-Man and The Wasp. Janet van Dyne unmasked, from also Ant-Man and the Wasp. Then we’ve got my ensuite bathroom over here, again not very glamorous. Here we’ve got the lounge/dining room. and then we’ve got my gaming space here. I just got an achievement I’ve been working on for most of the day. I like that the gaming community and gaming online, you wouldn’t be able to meet the certain amount of people that I have met, without that in place.

I’ve made quite a number of friends online. It’s a circle of friends, if you will. I’m frequent in contact with them through Facebook or Snapchat or Instagram. I don’t have a group of friends here in Nelson, and I don’t really go out that often to make a circle friends in real life. My ideal week is like doing gardening, doing getting the support worker coming on the days that they come, and doing what I like when I like really. The radio show at Fresh FM I got into, because I used to go to Garin College in Richmond, back in 2016 and my media studies teacher, Rowan Burch suggested I get into that and I’ve been doing it since 2016. Radio show entails any piece of art that I decide to review or seen from a piece of art. Films, video games and tv shows are usually because I’ve been doing it for over five years. I’ve got a little burnt out of just reviewing films so I have been just doing like song analysis. I think was last week I did that, or scene analysis.

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∂What drew me to analysing is, I kind of naturally already kind of do it. And technically, there’s no right or wrong way to approach, because people like, have different criteria for what they deem as “good” or “bad”. Some people prefer a better story, then like people may say that visuals are more important than the story or vice versa. I’m just getting ready to go radio. I just gotta go catch the bus. Just got my backpack there with my laptop in for radio, and got my umbrella and I’m gonna head outside in the rain. Here’s Fresh FM. Here’s the recording booth from the outside. – Say hi Matt. Are you to be ready to be more famous than you are? – Hi John. – Hello Max. – Hello John. Hello and welcome to John’s radio show. Basically how I put together a show is, I have an intro . I talk about how I critique many pieces of art then I go into my rating systems, for the pieces of art specifically. So, for films I use popcorns because what you eat when you go to the cinema. For video games I use video game controllers, because you usually play video games with video game controllers and for tv shows I use televisions because that’s something what you watch tv shows on. And the second rating system is that, It’s basically a sliding scale of, you shouldn’t bother watching this or playing this to you should buy it and play it or watch it over and over again because it’s that great.

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